Take Action

Write to your Health and Education Ministers about period poverty action with our template below or your own letter.


Subject: Positive Periods - Make sanitary items free in all schools

Dear Minister,

I am/We are writing to voice my support for the positive periods campaign and would like to see period products be free for all students in primary, intermediate, secondary and tertiary institutions.

This follows research from New Zealand demonstrating the prevalence of period poverty and it’s impact upon students educational outcomes and health well-being. Scotland, UK and Wales have made these items free on the back of research and best practise policy making.

The issue of period poverty needs to be taken seriously and I/we would want you to take action on this matter.

*Write about why the minister should support this and any personal stories you have regarding period poverty affecting yourself or your community*

Look forward to hearing your response.

Kind Regards,


Why write to the Health and Education Minister?

We want the issue of period poverty to be taken as a serious education and health well-being issue. Let your government representatives hear your voice and make them take action to make period products free for young people in New Zealand.

The issue of period poverty affects the educational opportunities and ability for students at primary, intermediate, secondary and tertiary institutions. In some cases it means students have to miss out on school or their sporting activities.

Period poverty is a health issue as lack of access to products results in alternatives being used such as toilet paper, rags and newspapers.

We want New Zealand to take period poverty seriously and positively impact the experience of young people and their periods.