A group of period poverty action groups, wish to have all political parties and politicians commit to free sanitary item provision in all schools.

We have released a discussion paper that outlines the costs, global movements and New Zealand research as to why we believe free provision is the right thing to do. Global examples have seen the provision of sanitary items be mandated in the Education Act to ensure present and future governments are bound to provide these items.

We will work and discuss this proposal with all political parties to support it and get action on permanently eradicating period poverty.


Period poverty is defined as “poor menstrual knowledge and access to sanitary products”. Various research studies in New Zealand have uncovered the prevalence of period poverty within schools and the impact upon students of not being able to attend school due to lack of access. We believe a long term solution to this is the consistent, universal provision of period products in New Zealand schools. We believe that universal access will ensure no students’ feel the shame, stigma or embarrassment of not having access or funds to purchase these items. This means New Zealand takes the eradication of period poverty seriously.


The Discussion Paper released outlines three potential recommendations for the provision of sanitary items in all New Zealand schools. Our preferred recommendation includes the provision of organic pads, tampons, menstrual cups and period underwear to all New Zealand schools including primary, intermediate, secondary and tertiary institutions.


We have released a Discussion Paper: Period Poverty in New Zealand on the reasoning and costing of period products in all schools and we will be holding a Period Hui to discuss the recommendations late in the third quarter of 2019 year.

How do I get involved?

If you are an organisation wanting to support the positive periods campaign get in touch!

If you are an individual wanting to support the positive periods campaign get in touch to volunteer for the campaign , sign up to the newsletter for updates, share this website and the social posts about positive periods and write to the Health and Education Minister about why you believe supporting free period products in schools is the right thing to do for young people’s well-being.


The team has weekly campaign meetings to discuss plans going forward as team members have busy lives on their full-time priorities.

The paper released is a discussion paper using publicly available data from retail pricing at supermarkets and public Ministry of Education data. We would expect there to be significant cost savings from a government procurement process as they would determine the products they would like to procure from an open tender process. This paper has chosen to use some products and their public pricing as a guide only to the full costs that may be incurred for this initiative.

At this stage we are looking for organisations to support this movement in principle to make period products free in all schools in New Zealand. If this would be of interest let us know.

The discussion paper is a living document and edits or clarifications can be requested. Updates to the document will be done weekly post campaign meetings.